Thank you for visiting our dedication page In memory of Constantine Douketis. We would like to share with you some of the treasures this man has left behind, This is a work in progress that i am just starting now some 5 years since Constantine's death due to pancreatic cancer.

We are in the process of finding pics and audio clips and even some links to some of the scientific accomplishments Constantine made over his life.  Thanks for checking this site out. Please feel free to sign up and leave your thoughts.


This is the music you are hearing now and autoplays when the home page loads

I know Constantine had coined a different name for this piece later but i believe this was one of the earlier if not the first rendition of the idea.

Track 2

Below are a few pieces of music from the Jam of Jams LP.

This was an improvisational music project we had worked on and featured some of the first Baritone Guitar riffology Constantine had been writing. This was recorded at in what is now the Douketis room. Players were Dave Hutchison, Greg Todd, Kevin Porter and of course Constantine Douketis. To this day Algonquin Mist is still one of the hifghest spun recordings ever made at the studio.

Algonquin Mist

Fraking Water

At one point sitting around "having a smoke" as constantine would say we starting talking about using the power of music and or vibration to exite molecules and in fact the possibly of spltting the water molecule by inducing  specific vibrational waves upon the molecule causing the bonds to break. No question you exite molecules by playing music. So in that regard if you turn this piece up really loud and open your taps there will be free energy for all. Joking of course but you get the idea.

Track 4
(Unknown album (02/11/2012 3:38:03 AM))

The Departure

Track 5
(Unknown album (02/11/2012 3:38:03 AM))

Aint No Sun Shine (variation)

Track 6
(Unknown album (02/11/2012 3:38:03 AM))

Cold Earth Hot

Track 9
Unknown artist (Unknown album (02/11/2012 3:38:03 AM))

The Return

Track 3
(Unknown album (02/11/2012 3:38:03 AM))

Funny thing is, i am finding it hard to find video clips that are of quality. We had played lots of great music together and recorded tons of stuff over the years but video seems to have eluded us LOL. What we do have so far, are some pretty mediocre jams that unfortunatly don't show the best side of our playing but it is what it is and at least we got something to look at. For me it's really cool to just watch, and see Constantine play!!  I am so thank full i recorded what i did. It's all we got. There will be lots more bits to come as i find it.

The following piece is a blues jam we had recorded at the 2004 Summer Series Jams at the Art Zone on June 18. One of the few clips with a head on view of Constantine playing which is great. Strangely the song is being sung by Jon Long (not seen as he is off the camera to the left) and the song appears to be about his late wife who had died of cancer six years prior. Also the bassist Eric Johnson is no longer with us and also died of cancer just a few years ago. Life is short folks!!

Six Long Years

My favorite spot in the video is early where i think Constasntine realizes what Jon is singing about and looks up at Jon and kinda walks over and peels this little riff as if to say " i hear ya buddy". Just one of those cards on the chest moments!!